Canadian Artist Cory Fuhr’s steel sculptures have been gaining notoriety since his gallery debut in 2001. His works have made their way into collections throughout the world captivating a growing audience. From intimate representations of musical instruments to life size human forms his works show both depth and strength.

Cory’s mechanical odyssey began in 1996 as his works steadily moved away from the functional to the expressive and narrative. Fuhr is a sculptor who specializes in monumental metal works. He has numerous public sculptures to his credit which can be seen walking through airports, convention centres, shopping malls, office buildings, as well as museums.

Cory Fuhr shares his own universe of transformation and mutation using an assortment of steel tools and gears, finely detailed in each human assemblage. He creates a network of narratives in which individuals are discovered, through light and touch, revealing vulnerability in contrast to their powerful presence.

“Anthropomorphic transformations have fascinated and inspired my work throughout my life. The conflict of engineered and untouched landscapes challenges humanity to reconcile our organic forms with the monstrous artifice of our creations. Through my work, I explore the possibility of acceptance, of reconciliation.”